Need Some New Wheels?

Need Some New Wheels?

Come to C & M Discount Tires today

If you're in the market for new wheels for your vehicle, visit C & M Discount Tires Inc. We'll help you choose the best wheels and tires for your car from our large selection of brands and sizes. In addition to our wheel alignment service, we also offer tire mounting, balancing, rotation and inspection at our service station.

3 reasons to replace your tires regularly

Are your tires losing their tread? Don't drive on worn, punctured or bald tires. If you fail to replace your tires when necessary, you could:

1.Experience a blow-out: When thin tires start to bulge or blister, a blow-out is just around the corner.
2.Hydroplane: Driving on bald tires increases your risk of hydroplaning on wet roads.
3.Get a flat: The older your tires are, the more quickly they'll lose air after a puncture.

When you drive on bald tires, you risk everything from a minor fender bender to a major accident. Stay safe by getting new tires from C & M Discount Tires today.