Is Your State Inspection Due?

Is Your State Inspection Due?

Keep your vehicle in good standing with an emissions inspection

If you own a used vehicle in Texas, you need an annual safety and emissions inspection. C & M Discount Tires Inc strives to make your state inspection fast, easy and convenient. Just bring your vehicle in and we’ll serve you while you relax in our comfortable waiting area.

Our safety inspections cost $7, and safety and emissions screenings are just $18.50. Don’t wait until the last minute. Bring your car or truck in today to cross “inspection” off your to-do list.

Why don’t we give inspection stickers anymore?

C & M Discount Tires won’t issue you an inspection sticker for one simple reason: Texas doesn’t use them anymore! As of March 2015, the state simplified the inspection and registration process by combining vehicle registration stickers with inspection stickers. Your registration sticker now serves as proof of your annual vehicle inspection.

Complete your inspection today by visiting C & M Discount Tires’ service station.